NEW! Links

Below you will find recommended links for additional writing help.

Grammar Girl has tips and grammar exercises to help you learn and remember all the grammar rules on punctuation, word choice, and more:

Purdue Online Writing Lab is one of the best – and instructor favorite – for writing resources and instructional material, including help with resumes and cover letters:

The Guide to Grammar and Writing is a great resource for students and instructors:

Dr. Grammar is a resource out of the University of Northern Iowa maintained by the Department of Languages and Literatures:

ESL Resource Center has a vast online catalog of ESL-specific quizzes and other instructional help, including a Faculty Lounge:

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One comment on “NEW! Links

  1. Hi There!

    Thought you’d like to know our team posted an article referencing and linking to the top 25 writing style guides available. We hope you and your readers find it useful.

    Either way keep up the good work!


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