Thank you for your interest in our blog, Writing Center Underground. MCC Writing Center has developed this blog for students as well as faculty to incorporate social media into their curriculum as a way to engage students and inspire creative lessons. Some suggestions on ways to utilize our blog:

  •  Use as class supplements. Our weekly posts will discuss a wide variety of writing topics and encourage comments and discussion. Ask students to visit the blog weekly and post comments.
  • Start conversations for class. Want to get students thinking before class starts?  Have them visit the blog and ask them to come to class ready to discuss the weekly post.
  • Post their own questions to the blog. Ask students to find a weekly post that piques their interest and pose a question to the blog to further the discussion. This encourages students to critically think about the original post as well as how to relate it to their writing. 

As Writing Center Underground grows, we will be adding new links and other resources for students as well as faculty. If you have any suggestions on improving our blog or a topic you would like to see covered, please feel free to contact us.

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